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Gear to Gear Quick Release Ratchets

Built to exceed ANSI specifications in torque, reverse torque and tolerance
Chrome vanadium steel, fully polished
Ergonomically designed, slim profile for tight spots
Quick release button to remove sockets easily
Heavy duty 48 teeth gear to gear mechanism works well   in tight spaces with 8° swing
Slim profile head design works well in confined spaces
Ratchets left and right by easy switch of new style directional lever

KCT2265 1/4" Dr
KCT2266 3/8" Dr
KCT2267 1/2" Dr

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Quick Release Ratchets
1/4” Dr
640511 3/8” Dr
640513 1/2” Dr
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Swivel Head Ratchet

Features double cam

641506H 3/8” Dr
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1/2” Dr Ratchet Adapter

Heavy duty 52 tooth smooth action ratchet mechanism
Convert your Power Bar, Sliding T Bar or Extension to a heavy duty ratchet
Ratchets left and right by an easy turn of directional wheel

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